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Eastlake Mailbox & Coworking, dba Vybe Hub Communication is the result of a bigger vision that surrounds and supports the entrepreneur, the indie professional, the freelancer and individuals pursuing the mobile / remote lifestyle.

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✶ 24 hr access
✶ Short Term Parking in rear
✶ Package Email Notification
✶ Excellent Location!

✶ 24 hr access
✶ Lots of amenities
✶ Decent Neighborhood Parking
✶ Excellent Location!

✶ Regular Schedule Discounts
✶ Short Term Parking in rear
✶ Seats up to 8 people
✶ Excellent Location!

✶ We ship anything, anywhere!
✶ More affordable than movers
✶ Multiple carrier options
✶ Pick up from your door

About Us

Eastlake Mailbox & Coworking is more than just a mailbox shop. We offer services that go far beyond the typical pack and ship retail store. Yes, we offer mailbox rentals, and we have amenities like 24hr access and package email notification. Yes, we offer packaging services, and have added a packaging counter that is available for public use. Yes we offer FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS drop-off and shipping services. We even offer freight services. And yes, we have computers for customer use and offer printing, copying, scanning and fax services.

This is why when you walk into our store, you will see space dedicated to coworking, private offices and a conference room available for public rent. This is why when you browse through our website, you will see services that surround the needs of businesses. This is why you might start to recognize that more and more of our services transcend a brick and mortar business model. This is why when you start to understand the vision, you begin to recognize that this is not just another mailbox shop … this is a full-service, amenity-packed one-stop-shop that you can consistently rely on to help free you up from some of the small but time consuming daily obstacles that can slow you and your business down.

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