Freight comes in various forms. It can be something that is not heavy, but is simply too large to ship through the typical carriers like UPS or FedEx. For instance, a light-weight kayak may not be too heavy to ship ground FedEx or UPS, but it is too large. It can also be something that is not too large, but is too heavy, like a car engine (or anything that weighs over 150 lbs). If you are moving, and therefore shipping all of your personal items, they often can be shipped either way, so you would want to get a quote for both freight AND regular carriers. In a case like that, you will still need to have it all packaged to get accurate quotes.

Sometimes, it simply isn’t worth shipping. For instance, don’t ship a couch if you can just sell it and buy another one you will be just as satisfied with when you move. Unless it’s a very nice and expensive couch, the cost to ship often is higher than the cost of the item itself. While we understand that some items have sentimental value, you should factor in hassle and costs when deciding if you should keep it or leave it (or sell it and re-buy another one at the new location).


Aside from little tips like that, we are fully prepared to help you with whatever shipping challenge you have. We work with freight forwarding consolidators, which means that we can get multiple quotes to find the least expensive option that fits your needs. Freight companies will directly pick up from our customers, and since we have access through freight forwarding consolidators, this means that we can literally book a freight shipment from anywhere in the U.S., not just within our own neighborhood or city. All you need to do is make sure it is well packed and protected. If you are close to our shop and the item is not too difficult to bring to us, we’ll be happy to provide you with our expert packaging services; we’ve packed freight items from a nine foot by nine foot framed art canvas to a 7 foot long plotter printer weighing 300 lbs (we padded it with a LOT of bubblewrap).

At the very least, we’re happy to provide you with a quick estimate for your shipping needs, and we can make alternative suggestions when it seems appropriate.

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